The Zionist Entity: The Jewish State In The 21st Century


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The product of malicious leftwingism, anti-Semitism and relentless big media bias, global hostility to the State of Israel appears to constitute an expanding ideological fashion, which is to say a monkey-see-monkey-do phenomenon lacking a rational basis, driving fantastical propaganda claims, acts of terrorism and war.

“The Zionist Entity: The Jewish State In The 21st Century” focuses on some key elements, in particular the term “occupation” which tends to be disingenuously applied to the Israel-Palestine relationship. Big media’s slanted journalism not only encourages the spread of anti-Semitism, but damages the prospects for a peace settlement and helps sustain abusive administrative regimes in Gaza and the West Bank. Likewise American pressure. All considered, resolution of the conflict may lie somewhere in the distant future.

The author, David Levy, offers a unique perspective on Israel and its future, based on conversations with members of Israel’s religious right, an anti-Israel Jewish academic, the ex-wife of the founder of Fatah, an intelligence specialist, a Holocaust authority, a former Knesset member, and others.

  • Paperback: 160 pages
  • Author: David Levy
  • ISBN-13: 978-1936778430


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