About Mazo Publishers

Gain knowledge from the books published at Mazo Publishers!  To accomplish this goal for the readers of books published at Mazo Publishers, we publish authors from around the world whose topics range from novels, to biographies, to history, to politics, to children stories, and beyond.

Our authors are professors, doctors, lawyers, public speakers, activists, historians, religious leaders, adventurers, poets, and those who are non-descriptive.

Within Mazo Publishers, we publish with the Imprints of Gallery House, Tiptop Books, Acaday Press and Rabeinu Publications.  We also publish corporate business stories and private editions. Each Imprint presents a focused topic approach for the editorial message of the book.

Our commitment to providing the highest level of quality book publishing is backed by the proven success of our titles published since 1994.  Chaim Mazo is the publisher.

We publish in hard cover, soft cover, and e-book digital editions.

If you would like for us to publish your book, or just have an idea for a book, or know of an out-of-print book that should be republished, please click this link to submit your details.  submit your manuscript