Miracle Nation: Seventy Stories about the Spirit of Israel


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A Tribute to Rebirth in the Land of Our Ancestors

“Miracle Nation: Seventy Stories About The Spirit Of Israel” captures the epic story of the miraculous rebirth of the modern Jewish nation in 1948 and its growth until today, bound up in the varied realms of religious fervor, social justice, political perspectives, and scientific discoveries. These passionate and powerful stories of individuals provide the framework for the reader to clearly see how it is possible that ordinary Israelis, in revealing just how extraordinary they really are, exemplify the Biblical command to be a “Light unto the Nations.” Israela Meyerstein’s collection of stories provides the clarity of how and why the Jewish state has not only survived, but thrived through its many years of adversity. Not only is this book a powerful reminder of the many connections that Jews and non-Jews alike have for the modern Jewish miracle, but it is also a reminder of the 2000-year-old steadfastness of the Jewish People to once again live in the Land.

  • Paperback: 270 pages
  • Author: Israela Meyerstein
  • ISBN-13: 978-1946124463


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