The Alternative: No Moshiach For Yisrael



A must read on the subject of Moshiach, “The Alternative” is a halachic analysis of the unfolding global and empirical Messianic events involving Yisrael and the nations. Rabbi Yehuda Schwartz, the author, presents a significant alternative to the rallying call of “We want Moshiach Now,” delving into the halachic implications of the State of Israel’s resurrection in 1948 on its ancient homeland.

Until now, most students of the Redemption have only been taught half the possibility for Redemption, which is the achishena, the “hastened” mode, mainly because of political exigency. Within halachic parameters, “The Alternative” describes the be’itoh probability, “in its proper time,” and as verified by empirical events of the last six decades of the State of Israel.

This new perspective no longer speaks of the “coming of Moshiach.” Rather, modern understanding supports the probability that the Jewish nation, returned to its homeland through a series of “natural” events, is now preparing its infrastructure for the eventual appointment of the King of Israel by the future Sanhedrin.

Rabbi Schwartz, for 30 years a student of the Gaon Harav Chaim Zimmerman, zt’l, has built this book based on the end of the Gemara Sota describing “the End of Days” and the depiction of the ikvata de’Meshicha, “the footsteps of Moshiach,” and the beginning of the Gemara Megilla describing the atchalta de’Geula, “the beginning of the Redemption,” and the logical process that follows that beginning. The significant difference in the language used and its implications for all mankind form the basis for this book.

The material contained in this book is controversial.

The phrase “No Moshiach For Yisrael” is found in Tractate Sanhedrin 99a.

  • Paperback: 348 pages
  • Author: Rabbi Yehuda Schwartz
  • ISBN-13: 978-9657344651




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