The Road Less Traveled


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The Road Less Traveled is the memoir of Aviva Nairn Ernst. She writes about her childhood after the death of her mother when she was two years old, and how her grandmother and aunt were always ready to help her. She experienced many ups and downs, and often not sure of the path she should take in life. As an adult, Aviva became Jewish and found great support through the Chabad Lubavitch organization. At this point, she married, and with the support of her husband, they adopted two baby girls, both with Down Syndrome. In the ultimate commitment to her belief in emuna and trust in Hashem, she and her husband, and their two girls made aliyah. She now lives in Maale Levona, a community on one of highest mountains in the Shomron region of Israel.

This edition includes the Hebrew edition of this memoir.

Hard cover; 111 pages; ISBN 978-1956381436

Author: Aviva Nairn Ernst






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