What Jewish Schools Could Be: The View From The Other Side


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Student Differences Are Here To Stay: Wouldn’t it be liberating to find out that this reality is a plus, not a minus? “What Jewish Schools Could Be” invites parents, teachers, and principals to take another look at some of the fundamental issues in Jewish education, both in America and abroad.

Sara Carter asks us to do some hard thinking about certain practices which are widely accepted in Jewish schools – practices which are depriving our students of quality education in Judaic and general studies. She demonstrates that by revisiting Torah directives and reviewing research in education, we can find solutions that make it possible for our students to emerge as eager learners and as Jews who are excited about their purpose in life.

Within these solutions is the recognition of a vital component in the human psyche: the need for connection – connection to oneself, to one’s peers, to one’s teacher, to one’s subjects, and to Hashem. “What Jewish Schools Could Be” offers “new-old” pathways designed to restore these connections.

“I recommend this book to all Jewish Studies teachers as an inspirational tool and a well-presented reason to take a step back from their daily responsibilities and reconsider the forest rather than simply focus on the trees.”  …Rabbi Nochem Kaplan; Director, National Accreditation Board.

  • Paperback: 144 pages
  • Author: Sara Carter
  • ISBN-13: 978-1936778904

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  1. Packed with wise observations by a veteran teacher. Her insights are applicable to both Jewish and non-Jewish schools, and are predicated on a deep respect for the individual student and a belief in the potential of every human being. Her message should be taken to heart by educators, parents, policy-makers, and indeed all those who care about our educational systems and the training of future generations.

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