Moving Up: An Aliyah Journal




When she packed up her bags, her family, and her life, to depart the United States for a permanent move to Israel, Laura Ben-David never knew that Aliyah would be the most emotional, frustrating, moving, and hilarious experience of her life. “Moving Up: An Aliyah Journal” beautifully captures Laura Ben-David’s family’s highs and lows as they navigate Israeli bureaucracy, a new culture, a host of remarkable characters, and a 2,000-year-old dream, all with wit, energy, and passion. Compulsory reading for anyone considering Aliyah or already living in Israel, but all will enjoy this book – over and over again.

  • Softcover: 204 pages
  • Author: Laura Ben-David
  • ISBN-13:¬†978-9657344149


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